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Apr 16, 2013 6:30pm EDT
departments were showing the badge today. the tsa also stuffing up passenger screenings. meanwhile, event organizers began revisiting security plans for big upcoming gatherings. the oklahoma city marathon, a bike race in houston, a 10k in miami, nascar in virginia, even the kentucky derby and indy 500 getting a second look. >> i think the event in boston yesterday will raise once again the consciousness that there is a reason, there is a need for the extra security that they encounter. >> reporter: since 9/11, there's been a dramatic increase in the use of security cameras. today an influential republican called for even more. >> out on the street, there's not an expectation of privacy. >> reporter: at the lapd intelligence nerve center, the police chief insisted his cameras and officers can't do it alone. >> there is no way that 10,000 los angeles police officers can watch over a city of 4 million people. without the help of the people that they're watching. >> reporter: the message since 9/11, if you see something, say something. police and security experts are reiterated to us today th
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Apr 16, 2013 10:41am PDT
's logan airport and nerves are very raw today. earlier today the tsa topped an arriving flight to check out a bag on board and then gave the all-clear. and katherine herridge with the latest on these bombs. >> reporter: thank you, two sources telling they were using pressure cookers and nails or ied typically associated with the taliban and border areas, and al-qaeda and the iranian peninsula although no conclusions have been reached on who was responsible. fox news has told the devices were placed inside black nylon backpacks and placed inside carnage case. in some cases the individuals have 30 pieces of shrapnel, and doctors confirming to reporters this morning the shrapnel is turned over to investigators. >> nails, you know, or sharp, sharp objects. i can't say what they are with certainty, but that's how they look like. >> do you know how many of them-- >> they are numerous, numerous. there are people who have 10, 20, 30, 40 of them in their body, or more. >> and an investigative source familiar with the case tells fox news, the fbi is scanning cell phone tower records for what is
Apr 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. their images can be screened through tsa video to see if they've already departed. which i'm sure the fbi has already done. or if they're entering airports as we speak. on the other hand, you know, the canadian border is not very far from boston. and the idea of them getting in a car and driving across the border into canada is another flight risk that i would be very concerned about. now i know that the justice department has requested the assistance of foreign countries in terms of foreign travel which i think is very significant point here. >> on foreign travel? >> foreign travel and since there may be some sort of foreign connection here and the idea that they may have flown out of country to some other place. so, you know, this is all -- >> wait. let me make sure i understand. sorry. i want to make you understand. so they're still looking into the possibility that even though these two kids look very, very stereotypically like they're from here that this may be linked to a foreign terror group? >> well, it's unclear. and the nationalities is very unclear if the images that you see. this
Apr 16, 2013 3:00am PDT
to a minimum. >> many americans have grown tired of war, tsa checkpoints and heavy security at sporting events. former national director of counterterrorism says the threat remains very real. >> if this turns out to be either domestic or international terrorism it will remind people of the difficulty of the tasks that we have been working against over the past ten years. >> reporter: experts say that while we can certainly prevent and address more security issues than we did before 9/11, trying to protect a soft target like a marathon is just increasingly difficult and they point out that a terrorist only has to find the weakest, softest point and attack there. of course that's where we're all most vulnerable. guys, back to you. >> i would say it is almost impossible to protect completely. but tom, talk about, if you could, what we can expect now from the likely places where they will step up security. the tsa, at the airports, at train stations, and public events that you say are still on schedule. what can we expect? >> homeland security has been pretty tight-lipped but we can tell you anecd
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)